Donor Privacy Policy

Adopted 01/1/2014

This Donor Relations Policy aims to clarify Community LINC policies and procedures regarding recognition of gifts, donor privacy, and honoring donor intent. Community LINC, strives to adhere to the principles set forth by the Donor Bill of Rights created by the Association of Fund Raising Professionals.

Community LINC uses financial support from its donors to fulfill its mission and strives to earn the trust of its donors by taking measures to effect transparency and accountability to the public at all times, while respecting any donors who wish to remain anonymous.

Confidentiality of Personal Information of Donors

Community LINC and its employees are responsible for maintaining all personal information of donors. Every reasonable precaution shall be taken to protect and preserve confidentiality. Community LINC employees and volunteers, and authorized service providers, are required to safeguard donors’ personal information. Community LINC values and respects its donors’ right to privacy, and is committed to ensuring that donors’ personal information is used only for the purposes for which is it collected, and in accordance with donors’ intent.

Donors’ personal information is collected to establish and manage Community LINC’s relationship, preferences and expectations with donors. The information is also used to analyze giving patterns, process gifts, and provide donors with documentation of their charitable contributions. In addition, personal information is used to publicly recognize and thank donors for their generosity.
Donors who wish to avoid any disclosure of their contributions may inform Community LINC when making a pledge or gift. This request for anonymity shall be honored. In the absence of a donor’s request for anonymity, Community LINC may, at its discretion, recognize and publicize a donor’s contribution.

Gift Recognition

Community LINC recognizes donors’ philanthropic contributions by various means, in an appropriate manner, respecting the desire of donors who wish to remain anonymous. Gifts accepted, shall be acknowledged in writing to the donor, and in accordance with the IRS Regulations. Donors who wish to avoid public recognition may inform Community LINC when making a pledge or gift.

Transparency of Community LINC Resource Allocation and Fiduciaries

Community LINC recognizes that donors must be assured that their contributions will be used prudently and for the intent for which they were given. Information regarding the purposes in which Community LINC resources are allocated shall be made readily available to donors through disclosure the most recent audit and IRS Form 990 and Annual Report. In addition, the identity of Community LINC fiduciaries, its governing board and its senior management, shall also be disclosed to donors and found on the Community LINC website.

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