Community LINC is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that aims to end homelessness, impact poverty and remove barriers to self-sufficiency for the families we serve. In the past 25 years, Community LINC has served 3,791 families with 11,320 individuals, including 8,205 children with shelter or programming. The Board of Directors, staff and volunteers all work to change the lives of homeless families in Kansas City.


Community LINC was conceived in May 1986 when a group of citizens from three local churches began meeting to discuss ways to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness. Modeling the organization of a transitional housing program in Liberty, Missouri, their goal was to create independent and self-sufficient families.


In 1987, the first governing body was established and the name LINC (Living In New Community) was adopted. In 1988, LINC was granted a 501(c)(3) status, and the organization was born. The program’s first official home was an apartment building at 32nd and Warwick with four units available for homeless families.


In September 1991, HUD approved relocation to three apartment buildings at 4012-14, 4016-18, and 4028-30 Troost for one dollar. In the 1990’s, the word “Community” was officially added to the name, becoming “Community LINC."


Over 30 years later, Community LINC owns 36 units and has an annual budget over $2.2 million. Community LINC has grown from serving approximately 12 families each year to approximately 150 families each year.

MYTH: All homeless are single people that are drug addicts and mentally ill. FACT: Nationally, families made up almost 40% of the homeless in 2014. •Two-thirds of the people that Community LINC serves are children. Letter from Jeremey NEED: Volunteers to set up temporary homes and create welcome home baskets for moving families.
EMPOWERING MYTH: Homeless people don’t want to work, they want to be taken care of, and don’t want to be empowered. FACT: It is not unusual to serve parents who work two to three jobs. •Since 1988, Community LINC has served nearly 4,246 families with 14,000 individuals, including 9,300 children with shelter or programming. •A research study of families who left for permanent housing from 2013- 2017 showed that 84% did not become homeless again. “My past doesn’t direct my future.” Councilman Jermaine Reed NEED: Volunteers to work with our families on budgeting skills to empower them to remain self-sufficient.


Anyone working can afford rent.



The wage needed to afford

fair-market rent is double minimum

wage; more than very low income families

can afford.

•For our families it take more than 50%

of a person’s pre-tax monthly income to

pay rent.

•The estimated wait time for subsidized

housing in Kansas City is up to 3 years.

•Working parents must often choose

between food, utilities, day care, or rent.

•The Housing First approach is a proven

cost-effective solution to end homelessness nationally.


“There was nothing like locking my own

door to my own place.” Jackie Hunter



Landlords willing to rent to people with poor rental histories.


Community LINC ends homelessness by re-housing, stabilizing, and empowering families to thrive independently.



As stewards over our resources, we are very careful to screen and make sure we serve the most vulnerable homeless families.

A program model that is a hand up, not a hand out.

Core competencies in housing, employment services, coaching, budgeting, and mental wellness counseling, life skills training, and exposure to healthy lifestyles.

Our program is established on research of Evidence-Based programs that deliver outstanding results.



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